Lethbridge County Fire Permit Application

Step 3: Agreement

I have been issued a permit by the authority having jurisdiction, I agree that I will:

  • Only burn wood or by-products of wood or leaves
  • Not burn any materials, including building materials, tires, household garbage, paint cans, used motor oil, furniture, treated products.
  • All fires must be out by 10:00 pm unless authorized by the Lethbridge County Fire Services.
  • Shall ensure a means of extinguishing the fire are available at the site of the fire at all times during the fire.

Shall not commence to burn, or continue to burn when.

  • A decrease in visibility on any highway,
  • A possible spread of fire through a grass or brush area,
  • The possible spread of fire to neighboring buildings or properties, or
  • Any odor to such an extent or degree so as to cause discomfort to the persons residing in the immediate area. 
  • The wind is blowing greater than 25 km/h.
  • Burn when there is a fire ban or restriction in place.
  • When directed not to burn by Fire Services, or Authority Having Jurisdiction.
  • Burn only when the person to whom the permit was issued, or such other person as may be designated, is in attendance at the fire in a responsible and supervisory capacity at all times until such fire has been completely extinguished,
  • Set a fire, and maintain the fire at least twenty-five (25) meters away from any building, structure, hedge, fence, vehicular roadway or overhead wires.
  • Ensure the permit holder is not burning over a buried gas line.
  • Ensure that there is a space clear and free of combustible material around the perimeter of at least 9 meters.

The Authority having jurisdiction may revoke any permit issued:

  • If it was issued on mistaken, false or incorrect information.
  • If it was issued in error.
  • If the permitee fails to comply with any of the conditions upon which the permit was issued.
  • If the permitee fails to comply with the provisions of the permit.
  • If the permitee fails to comply with any law applicable to the disposal of waste materials.
  • If the Fire Services or designate is of the opinion that the open fire or the continued burning of the open fire will result in an increased risk or danger to neighboring properties or person.

Where a permit is revoked, no person shall commence to burn an open fire or to continue to burn an open fire and if an open fire has been commenced, every person shall immediately extinguish such open fire.

Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this permit or an order to extinguish a fire may result in a per hour of fire service response required to extinguish the fire, plus clean up costs, in addition to an administration fee.

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